andreas ender, born 1969:
Master FIAP
Master VÖAV
VÖAV Consul of Fine Art Nude photography

Member of:
Photographic Society of America (PSA)
Federation Internationale de l‘Art Photographique (FIAP)

Fotoclub Dornbirn

Kulturkreis Hohenems

andreas ender experimented with graphic shapes and colours in 1986, but soon he discovered his love for the anatomy of the human Body and took up nude painting in 1990. His characteristic style is a mixture of his Talent and various courses to refine his technical, personal and physical skills. He acquired his knowledge by himself and is very proud of it. Above all, it was his characteristic style that leads to his first Group and individual exhibitions in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

In 1992 he discovered photography as an art form for himself. He participated successfully in numerous national and international exhibitions. "Learning by doing" was a costly and time consuming process but the international success and attention have proven him right.

Since then andreas ender has acquired various national and international Awards and medals for outstanding photographic achievements.

Photo: Andreas Ender, SELFie 2014 - with my Models Maria and Valeria
Photo: Andreas Ender, SELFie 2014 - with my Models Maria and Valeria



free TFP shooting:

I am always looking for new models who help me realize my ideas! Figure and Age (18+) are irrelevant; what is relevant to me is a woman's Feeling for her own Body and that she inspires me - I am thinking of vavacious, feminine women! Woman who know what they want and know to get it; and also women who let me have a glance at their personalities!


I believe that the mere interest in participating in a nude photo Shooting and - as a consequence - the new self-awaremess in front of a camera already guarantees a successful Shooting. Just be yourself and let your fatasy guide you - you won't believe what yousee in the end! Most of photos on my page show people who posed in front of a camera for the first time in their lives - and you can hardly see any difference between them and professional models.

If the Portfolios on my Homepage or the lines you have just read have attracted your Attention - and if you don't mind having your Pictures published, then please send a mail to info[at] I don't pay for models (!) but you will receive a DVD with all pictures in high resolution for yourself, your set card, Homepage or folder.

If you live in the area around Lake Constance it is very easy for us to meet. If you live farther away then it will be a bit more difficult but not impossible! However, the only prerequisites for an artistic realization free of Charge are that I be inspired and that I can put certain ideas into practice!
PAY shooting:

you feel sexy, attractive and you would like to know how it feels to have erotic pictures taken of yourself but have so far never had the chance to do so? NOW you have the opportunity: dressed or undressed, shy or cheeky, within or out of your ideal of beauty. My fee for the shooting depends on the actual expenditure. It ranges from 250 to "who knows" Euro including all pictures in high resolution on DVD. Thanks for visiting my Homepage!